Forceful Emotion

When I designed this one, it took a while to get just right. Things didn’t fit in certain places, and it just didn’t feel the way I wanted it to feel. A few accidents later, everything just kinda fell into place and it was finished.

I really like the raw emotion that emanates from the center of it all. The force of emotion in humans is very powerful, and the effects ripple out causing unintended consequences much of the time. Overall, I think it turned out really nice.


The stock images used in this piece can be found at As per request and under the license for usage, the composition is Copyright 2009 by Ian Stradling, all rights for the composition are reserved. The stock images are not owned and were not created by me. Please do not distribute or re-post this piece anywhere. Special thanks to Colourize_stock, spiked_stock, and M47R1X on DeviantArt who created the stock images, I am very happy to be able to work with their fine creations.

April 28, 2009 at 7:20 am | General |

2 Responses to “Forceful Emotion”

  1. Charissa says:

    I love your work! I like deviant art too. They have the coolest stuff. Which program did you use? PS, which filters, steps?? I’m dyin to know. I have been studying Graphic Design for one year now, I’m lovin it. Share some more! Check out my kindergarden stuff on my photos of FB. Look for the album “My Work”. Feedback needed!
    Luv Ya,
    Cuz Charissa
    Katy, TX

  2. Charissa says:

    PS Can you share with me how you created your FB design?