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If you are tired of heavy, uncomfortable guards that don’t allow you a customized fit, hurt or break every time someone kicks you, move during play, and require the use of straps or tape that restrict blood circulation -have we got a shinguard JUST FOR YOU!!!.

Cobra Shinguards have everything you need or are looking for in a shinguard!

Cobra Shinguards were developed over a three year period. We were determined to come up with a high-tech, remoldable and personalized shinguard that would not break and yet offer the player strong kick protection and comfort while keeping the guard in place.

During this three year period, we feel that we have reached our goal with the Cobra Shinguards. We are now proud to present to our customers the best remoldable shinguard and sleeve combination ever made... and yes, they are patented! The choice of the future for lower leg protection is Cobra Shinguards!

We believe they are the most comfortable shinguards ever made. The Cobra Premiere is available in a medium size only which will fit a player up to 6 feet 7 inches tall.

Patented Thermal Fit Technology allows players to re-fit their shinguards over and over again. If a mistake is made during the original fitting, simply repeat the process for a perfect fit.

As a player grows, the Cobra guard can be re-fitted to match changes in the shape of the leg. Cobra’s closed-cell comfort foam offers maximum comfort without absorbing unpleasant odors. Extremely light, yet durable! Use patented Cobra sleeves for unparalleled comfort.